The future of news publishing

From 2025 LettsNews will provide publishers with a one stop shop to find and acquire news stories in a fast and cost effective way. Our crowdsourced AI platform and advanced search tool will give you unprecedented access to the exact news story you need at the time you need it. Our content marketplace will systemically reduce acquisition costs and simplify the process of licensing content.

An API directly into your news room

Our API’s will allow news publishers direct access to the LettsNews news feeds selected, going directly into your publishing workflow system. We will also be offering a series of automated add-on solutions to further streamline your news acquisition-to-publishing process.

Interact with and direct the community

Provide topical advice to the system on what types of stories you are looking for. That will be passed on to journalists and used to narrow your content search. Available to publishers from 2025.
Register your interest as a publisher
*We will offer limited pre-release access to our Publisher System from 2025.
LettsNews is the future of news creation.
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